Sunday, March 9, 2008

Afghan Women missed another opportunity this year!

Its really frustrating to see that we women in Afghanistan havent learned that women's rights for equality and justice can not be attained by partying with elites and gifting each other for being a woman!
8 March 2008, likewise other previous years was celebrated amidsts of empty speeches and flying promises from the president and its all three branches, but when will the women of afghanistan will wake up and ask them for implementing those promises and commitments!
Once again hundreds of dollars were spent in food and luxury of parties and gatherings at beautiful and expensive hotels under the name of 8th March celebrations but what are the outcomes?
I think its very important for the women of afghanistan to be serious about themselves and make those accountable who make beautiful promises and commitments for uplifting their conditions.
The women of Afghanistan need to be explicit in assessing what have they achieved, why have they achieved and what is their future plan? I dont mean the 10 year action plan that ministry of women's affairs have prepared by its international partners in English langauge.
A strong woman movement is strongly needed in Afghanistan to get out of this "projecty" limitations and see the conditions and rights of women out of the development and short term projects like tailoring and embriodery. No international community can promote such a movement but the women of this country! Wazhma

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