Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can we replace the " Committment"

After coming back to Afghanistan in 2001, one of the terms that i terribly hate and have to encounter every second is " Committment" or " Tahud" in my beautiful farsi. I wont go back to introducing Afghanistan's war torn history and 30 years of violence and etc but ofcourse that can not be ignored if we want to understand what really committment means in Afghanistan and for Afghans. As i am in the women's rights and gender and development field for the past ten years, and when i came to Afghanistan i was more drawn towards the issues of women's rights than ever due to the wrong approaches towards implementing gender equality in Afghanistan. Since then i have been hearing this term " committment" every second and still we arent able to gauge it nor by Afghans neither by its international allies. The government of afghanistan announces its slogan of " committment" every other night on the national tv, and in every other conference that people only attend because of its food at the Intercon or the Serena or the Safi landmark.
For the past few month, i and a number of " committed" women are working on an advocacy initiative for prevention of child sexual abuse and child rapes that has been increasingly coming out of the media coverage. In relation to our advocacy campaigns, we had a number of meetings with very high official government figures, and again all of them announced their " commitment" towards supporting us, however not a single perpetrator is brought to justice.
I wonder what tahud or commitment means for alot of us Afghans and what it should really mean in such a condition that we are living in, maybe this hypocracy of deceiving has alot to do with our nature of denial, as most of us deny that such issues as child rapes doesnt exist in this society which is traditional, conservative and religious. Maybe that is the exact reasons!!!

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