Friday, March 19, 2010

Grey is possible if not acceptable!!!!

I asked the question of ' Is grey acceptable' from myself a while ago and found the answers repeatedly within myself. Grey is possible if not acceptable. In most of our human societies, there are lines, circles, limits and even imginations quiet well defined and framed, that even thought of moving beyond seems like a great sin for most of the people. While setting limitations for every human society is important- the same does not have to be judgemental. We are so well trained with our imaginations that the first impression of anything or anyone is judgemental rather than exploration. Someone looks bad, something is wrong , this is not acceptable, how can this even happen, are all phrases of our daily life. We dont try to understand why something is wrong or why someone looks bad - and by the way, what is that 'bad' and how did you know something is 'bad'. If we ask these questions, people think we are insane and have gone crazy, so they quickly label us as outside those circle and the moment ' you are not part of us' then ' you are nothing'. We have taken our lives, our relationships and our surroundings so much for granted based on flawed assumptions of definitive assertions. This is this and that is that, no arguments!!!. And I think we dont even know ourselves because we are lost in the crowd and are so scared to be left behind the crowd because then we would be excluded and - exclusion is destruction, non existence. But have we thought that actually you can find yourself when you are excluded - not by others excluding you, but by your intentions of creating your own terms of exclusion. An exclusion that brings your individual identity to yourself and you are no longer a sheep of the herd.

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