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Killing one human is equal to killing of entire humanity!!!!

I grew up with a simple teaching of my Muslim parents- killing one human being is equal to killing of the whole humanity. However,I have witnessed killings of innocent human beings by those who claim to be the gate-keepers of religion. Why havent they obeyed Islam when they call themselves Muslim?

Today around 80 human beings were brutally killed in Lahore because they were Ahmadis, but does that matter? Isnt it enough to say that the carnage took lives of 80 human beings and around 100 human being injured in the attacks? No other identity matters. Anyways, the same people that killed Ahmadis today have killed thousands and millions of Muslims as well and exploded themselves around civilian populations. These are the same people who are contaminating the brains of our young children and teach them to explode themselves and kill the entire humanity.

I am still shocked with the footage and images of the terrorists that were shown on Geo Tv today.One person tries to jump from the top floor window of the building to save his life but as he gets to the ground, the terrorist from the top floor shots him with gunfire. Then the terrorist gunman looks up in the sky and raises his gun in joy. This is the atrocious illustration of a belief. He was enjoying every bullet he fired and showed pride and vanity.This examples the process of indoctrinating hatred and violence in brains that occurs in the Madrasas.
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Prostitution is not an easily accepted reality in our society. Most of the time, we are in denial that in Muslim societies women do not sell their bodies for money, even if they do, no one will buy. It is actually the opposite, even if a woman does not want, the societal miseries make her do anything for survival and livelihood of the family. While Prostitution in many other parts of the world could be understand as a woman's sexual desire and of her immoral character; the truth behind it is hardly explored.
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On Friday, 06 July 2012, Ms Fawzia Koofi, one of the prominent female MPs called and with a disturbingly quiet tone asked whether I knew about the Parwan incident. I said Yes, saw a tweet from one of the BBC journalists but dont know if its true or not. She said its true and she saw the video. After we both mourned the incident, she said if women dont stand all these violence, we will all face this fate, one by one. We hanged on the phone and I started digging deeper to find out what happened. 
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