Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where does the thought begin?

Today I was invited to attend the launch of Amnesty International's Annual Report in London. The report with more than 300 pages, illustrates the expanded human rights violations throughout the globe from Latine America to Burma to Afghanistan to Iraq to China and the list will continue forever. I noticed that this year, the report includes a more comprehensive look at the current challenges for the rights of the Afghan people, Kudos to the Amnesty's Afghanistan team!!!

Challenges remain the same. I have been yielling about these since 2002. Continued impunity, strenghtened insurgency, increased violence and decreased accountability. All amidst of a lethal war, that is taking lives at all sides. But the ones who have nothing to do with the war bear the heavier brunt. Maybe this is how it works, after all. When the elephants fight- the grass is devastated.

I had some interviews with a number of media outlets and raised concerns as usual. Sometimes I hardly find replacements for some of the words that I feel have run out of meanings because I have overused them. I am sick and tired of terms such a violation, oppression, insurgency, war, international community, democracy, values, culture, war crimes, threats, militants, women's rights, human rights and etc. At times I find these words so empty and senseless. They have run out of content and meaning, they must be tired by now. We have spent our lives experimenting and lamenting on these terms and continue to do so.

After the interviews were over, took the train the came back to the quiet Warwick. However, still occupied with the thoughts and images of killings, beatings, destroying and fighting from the report Launch. As I turned on the Kabul television channels, the news had just started. From the beginning till the end it all sounded like a crisis. Parliament on its 5th day of no-work strike, the Second Vice President claimed that he wont come back from Behsood till the dispute with Kochi's are not solved. Some opposition groups boycotted the Peace Jirga, the head of Upper house condemning the Second Vice President with harsh words and accuse him of ethnic-rivalry. The Peace Jirga supposed to take place on the 2nd June next week and the Spokesperson announced that if political parties dont want to attend the Jirga, it wont impact the Jirga. ( If you were dreaming that this is a democracy, then wake up).

I felt like my mind was about to explode, all these happening and of course above the other dilemmas of poverty and insecurity, maybe insecurity is a smaller word. I should call it a war. Felt so restless so called a good friend who happens to be at the heart of these crisis and talked for almost three hours. Nothing new. We just scolded everybody and felt pity for the poor Afghans. Poor Afghans in a real sense.
Sometimes I get angry that why dont we as a nation wake up and stand against these gatekeepers of our lives. But then I remind myself that our crisis was not born yesterday or 10 years ago. These crisis are the legacies of at least post 1919 era when the man-leaders of this country never let us exist as a nation. They manipulated our national identities as bargaining chips of their power positions. But then who is 'they' and 'us'..... are things as dichotomous...were they any alien descendents? Werent those leaders of that times and the leaders of today the creation of this 'yet to be nationed' people?

Will be thinking around these tonight and if I make sense of anything, will right back. Otherwise, they will disappear as the night gets dark,as our lives get darker.

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