Friday, June 11, 2010

Will the Afghan government's reintegration and reconciliation efforts bring peace to Afghanistan?

The West Asia Program is a launching a new series of occasional papers entitled ‘Afghan Voices’. The goal of this series is to inject a range of Afghan views into the discussion of issues surrounding the international community’s intervention in Afghanistan.

The series is edited by Dr Susanne Schmeidl, co-founder of TheLiaison Office (TLO) in Afghanistan. She has worked on Afghanistan since 2000 and managed the Swisspeace office in Kabul between 2002 and 2005.

In the first paper in the series, Wazhma Frogh examines, against the background of the recent ‘Peace Jirga’, the highly contentious issues of reintegration and reconciliation with the insurgency. She argues that unless the Afghan government enagages in a more comprehensive and sustainable effort to address the various cause of conflict in Afghanistan than it is currently undertaking, the prospects for a real and enduring peace and security will remain dim.

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