Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Iran's diplomatic hypocrisy towards Afghanistan

While millions of people cheered the firecrackers around the capitals of the world to mark 2011, a panic broke out in Afghan homes as the national television aired the video that showed bullet-dotched bodies of Afghan men lying on the ground at the border areas with Iran. Many families who have sons disappeared, or those planning to go to Iran for work became more paranoid, scared and disillusioned. The most pathetic part of the video is that while injured and dead bodies are lying on the ground, Iranian Border Forces are standing nearby and laughing at them. These men were apparently shot by the Iranian Border Forces for attempting to enter Iran.

This is not the first or last example of Iranian's brutal treatment of Afghans. The list goes on from mistreatment of Afghan refugees to execution of Afghan prisoners to blockage of trade route and to seizing Helmand River waters by the Iranian authorities. Just last week in his meeting with Afghanistan's first Vice President, the Iranian Vice President called Afghanistan a 'brother nation whose fates are tied up together based on religious, linguistic, and cultural commonalities' but still Afghans experience Iran's diplomatic hypocrisy at the cost of their lives. In the same trip, some of the Iranian government including the Vice President, had called Afghanistan ' an occupied country that needs to be freed' which was somehow contested by the Afghan cabinet members present in the meeting.

However, the Iranian embassy rejected the video and claimed that the same national television channel has been propagating against Iran so many times and the issue went silent.